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Friday, 20 February 2009

Some Girls Wander.

The lovely Emily Martin over on Some Girls Wander has to be my absolute fashion idol. If I could only have her wardrobe I would be in heaven. I love to wander over to see what her latest outfits are. 

A recent post featured this gorgeous jacket.

And shoes. And bag...

Of course it's the way she wears it isn't it...?


Emma said...

Yes, I love her style.

Féadha said...

She's really cool

marty and sharon said...

jes' ciara - how do you keep all these wonderful blogs (just found this one of yours)! this is really funny - i think i sent you a link to emilys other blog 'black apple' because i thought you might like her and here you go you're already a fan of her fashion blog - which i am totally addicted to looking at too - isnt she fascinating?!

how are you anyhow? i see jay is away - mart was away on me too last week, he came back last night and now i've left this morning for a week - why oh why, whats it all about!? sharon x

Ciara said...

Yes I got that Sharon! And then forgot who it was that sent it to me! (Oh my leaky head...)

I discovered Emily's Black Apple blog about a year ago now and fell in love with her paintings. I think I featured her on one of my first ever 'Something Lovely' posts over on Milkmoon. And then I found her fashion blog... oh my... I think I fell in love with her too!!!

Delighted to meet another fan! :-)