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Tuesday, 26 January 2010

July Flame.

I have been entranced. Yet again.

On loop in my kitchen, in my car, is 'July Flame', the new album from the lovely Laura Veirs. A number of years back my sister, Emma, gave me a copy of 'Carbon Glacier' which she had picked up in the US. I loved it. From the first listen. And the following year went straight out and bought her follow up album 'Year of Meteors'.

When she played in Whelan's the week before Emma went back to the states for good, we went to see her, sat right up the front, and I cried at least twice. She was amazing. And yes, I was emotional about saying goodbye to Emma. But Laura Veirs rocked. In a sweet sort of way.

So, when I read the reviews in my favourite music magazines, Mojo and Uncut, and words like enchanted, suffused, and mysticism were used, I just had to check it out. And it didn't disappoint me. As I said. I have been entranced. And the inclusion of the likes of Laura Gibson and the mighty Jim James of My Morning Jacket just sends me into raptures! There is hardly a wrong note on the whole thing.

Laura is on tour at the moment, though I was very sad to read they won't be coming to Dublin this time. But seeing as Laura is very pregnant I figured it wouldn't be fair to make a fuss!

Do check out her blog over on her website. And while there you can have a look at some of their other videos too. You can also listen and buy her (six) other albums, as well as a recording of a young French choir who recorded nine of her songs, the result of which is a strangely moving experience.

If you think you might be interested you can also listen to more from Laura Veirs here. And read reviews or download songs here.

I so wish I could post the track called 'Little Deschutes' here for you to listen to. I am listening to it as I write, with goosebumps. It truly is sublime. But the album is so new I haven't found it anywhere that can post here. So have a listen if you come across it.

'I wanted to make something sweet,
The blood inside the maple tree,
the sunlight trapped inside the wood,
make something good.'

Sunday, 17 January 2010

Vintage Finds~Madrid Style.

Nothing like a weekend away, is there?

As I mentioned over on Milkmoon, myself and Jay managed to escape for a long weekend to visit some friends, Marta and Sam, in Madrid. And as everyone knows, there is nothing better than having someone who knows the city for finding the best of everything!
So, there was endless wanderings around the streets of Madrid, and on Saturday myself and Marta took ourselves off  and we found a number of vintage shops which I was very excited about. And let me say, the prices were amazing.

This sweet dress was €18, and it's in mint condition.

I am loving tweed and plaid at the moment, and I couldn't resist
this rather school~mistressy kilt for €10! It's 100% wool and so warm, which was
just what I needed as we traipsed about in the snow.

And this gorgeous leather bag which we both admired in the window, Marta bought,
and then gave to me (sweet thing that she is!) was
I love it so much!

I could have filled an entire suitcase with fabulous finds, but as we were restricted both financially and in terms of baggage I had to limit myself, sadly. But I am already planning my next trip, hopefully in June for Finn's 12th birthday. I promised her a Mum~and~me trip somewhere, and I think it might just be Madrid!

With two empty suitcases...

Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Quietude And Hush Amidst The Ice.

A little tranquility from the lovely Laura Gibson.

Something quiet I have been listening to on these frosted, hushed days, as our world continues it's restful pause. All to soon the clatter and chatter will return. But in the meantime we wrap ourselves up in a coccoon of sweet sounds that carry me through the everyday.

I hope you like it too.