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This is where I post my music. One of my great loves in life. It's something I cannot be without. Carnival is my place to post what I'm listening to. It's really a blog for me, as I have rather eclectic taste in music and don't really expect many others to be right there with me! However, I do love when someone does find something that speaks to them, as has happened. Now that makes me so happy!
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Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Quietude And Hush Amidst The Ice.

A little tranquility from the lovely Laura Gibson.

Something quiet I have been listening to on these frosted, hushed days, as our world continues it's restful pause. All to soon the clatter and chatter will return. But in the meantime we wrap ourselves up in a coccoon of sweet sounds that carry me through the everyday.

I hope you like it too.


kkrige said...

You always find the loveliest music. The video is pretty simple, but the song's sound just makes you smile. Thanks

the b in subtle said...

Ah Ciara. So beautiful. Thank you for sharing her with the rest of us. I love her voice and I LOVE discovering new voices/sounds. So thanks. Have you heard The Weepies? Just makes me think you would like 'em, if you like Ms. Gibson. Check 'em out - here is stars. Their album, say i am you, is based on poetry by Rumi. I'm sure you will like.

Martin H. said...

Thank you for introducing me to Laura Gibson. Just my kind of thing.

I'll be checking out Mumford and Sons next!

marta said...

LOVELY!! i love it Ciara!!!!
another great female voice
nice, thanks!

Rebecca S. said...

So here I am at your Carnival blog and as I scrolled down I saw so many of the artists introduced to me by my 16 year old son and his cousins. I work for a music festival and will keep my eyes on this blog - we do get some UK indie/folk groups on their Canadian tours!

Kerry O'Gorman said...

Thanks for that..I'm always on the lookout for some new girly voices...have you heard The Be Good Tanyas? You might like them too...cheers

Ciara said...

Katherine, I'm just happy to bring a smile to you!

Nancy, I'll be off to check out The Weepies asap. I too love YOUR recommendations!

Martin, delighted you like them!

Marta, I always love sharing music with you!

Rebecca, very cool teenagers, lol!

And Kerry, I love The Be Good Tanya's! Some of the best voices, and musicians too! Have you heard Po' Girl, an off shoot of them? They're brilliant!

Twig - Love Your Home said...

eeee! i LOVE your taste in music! I can already tell I'm going to haunt your blog :)