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Sunday, 17 January 2010

Vintage Finds~Madrid Style.

Nothing like a weekend away, is there?

As I mentioned over on Milkmoon, myself and Jay managed to escape for a long weekend to visit some friends, Marta and Sam, in Madrid. And as everyone knows, there is nothing better than having someone who knows the city for finding the best of everything!
So, there was endless wanderings around the streets of Madrid, and on Saturday myself and Marta took ourselves off  and we found a number of vintage shops which I was very excited about. And let me say, the prices were amazing.

This sweet dress was €18, and it's in mint condition.

I am loving tweed and plaid at the moment, and I couldn't resist
this rather school~mistressy kilt for €10! It's 100% wool and so warm, which was
just what I needed as we traipsed about in the snow.

And this gorgeous leather bag which we both admired in the window, Marta bought,
and then gave to me (sweet thing that she is!) was
I love it so much!

I could have filled an entire suitcase with fabulous finds, but as we were restricted both financially and in terms of baggage I had to limit myself, sadly. But I am already planning my next trip, hopefully in June for Finn's 12th birthday. I promised her a Mum~and~me trip somewhere, and I think it might just be Madrid!

With two empty suitcases...


city hen said...

That bag is FAB. Lucky you!
Hugs from Poland,

Aden Meyler said...

Two girls...two empty suitcases...in Madrid. Such hope of possibilities and wonders!

the b in subtle said...

luverly - i adore vintage stuff! and would ESPECIALLY adore buying it in Madrid myself (dream dream dream). so funny - my ex and I had chosen Fionn as the name for our son if we had one during my previous pregnancy. there is so much that gels between our two spirits, Ciara. am so happy to have found you!

Ciara said...

Hi Rhonda, so nice of you to stop by! And lovely to meet you. :-)

Aden, you bet! The plans we have!

And Nancy, people laugh that out of four children, our only daughter has a 'boy's' name! But actually her full name is Fionnabhair which is the female version of Finbar. A famous Fionnabhair was the daughter of Queen Madhbh/ Maeve, and the poor girl was used as a pawn by her scheming, wicked mother!
But if I'm honest, I really loved the name Finn for a girl when I saw Winona Ryder in 'How to Make An American Quilt'!

Missa said...

That leather bag is absolute and utter perfection!