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Sunday, 20 December 2009

Let The White Stuff In.

So, while out in the madness of the Christmas shops this afternoon, I found myself in an outdoors clothing shop and I unexpectedly came across a new clothing label I'd never heard of. It seemed an odd place to have had these particular clothes, in amongst the likes of Ripcurl and Roxy (which I am partial to on occasion), but I came straight home and googled them. I think White Stuff is UK based, given the prices are in GBP, but there's not much else info on their site.

I love this sweet dress. It's called the 'Happy Culture' dress, and I think I love it a tiny bit more than the 'Sleepy Hollow' dress. But only a tiny bit.

And the skirts, oh my. Yes, I am a skirt girl, through and through. Skirts and dresses. And how to make a choice.

So, the Wishing On A Star skirt?

Or the Tranquility skirt?

And don't get me started on the knitwear!

How sweet is this tank top?

Yes, skirts,  and dresses and knitwear. I think I'll be back after Christmas to spend some money on myself. Kit myself out for the new year!

Yes, that sounds like a plan.


Jane O Sullivan said...

hello ciara ..I enjoyed your 2 blogs very much , I will definately pop back , happy christmas

Devon Ellington said...

Those are really cute. I'll have to check that company out and see if they ship internationally! Or just wait unitl the next time I'm in the UK.

Best wishes for the holiday and the new decade.