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Friday, 4 September 2009


A gorgeous fashion photoshoot in this months Country Living magazine caught my eye the other day. It included items from a number of my favourite clothing people like Odd Molly, Marilyn Moore and Toast and was of course all put together in such a gorgeous way so as to convince you that if you wore these clothes you would look just like the willowy, svelte model in the pictures.... sigh.

Anyway, these pictures are not from that article, but from the website of a new-to-me brand called Saltwater that I discovered while perusing the pages.

I just love this romantic look.

They are a British company based in London and Cornwall, (how perfect!) and this is their Spring/Summer collection from this year.

In their words: This spring we have been inspired by the American deep south, with beautiful fine china prints, water colour dragonflies, soft cottons and indigo-dyed linens.

Oh I just love this!

My only complaint is that they don't put prices on their website...grr... pet hate and all that. So I can only go on the prices that were shown in the above mentioned photoshoot. Let's just say it's out of my wallet capacity!

Still, it is a look that has thrift store/charity shop written all over it and would be very easy to recreate quite cheaply.

I'll be keeping an eye on this site as I wait to see their Autumn/ Winter collection.

Soon I hope.


Tia said...

hey Ciara you took the words out of my mouth , honestly I was thinking the same , thrift shop here we come !!!! HOWEVER Im not giving up me chocolate , no matter what , I do the "farmers wife" figure LOL ;)

Péitseoga said...

you could always keep an eye out for their stuff on ebay?
i like great plains at the moment...