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Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Pink Mountaintops.

And A Few Of My Favourite Things.

I was never one for fashion magazines. Although if someone produced a Vintage/Thrift fashion magazine I would no doubt be a fan. The only exception might be the Irish magazine Prudence which is not only aimed at people who are broke, but it doesn't have a ridiculous price tag like most fashion mags do. I like that!
This may be why I love places like Etsy and ebay. But of course that takes time to browse, something I don't have an awful lot of. Which is why magazines are great, I guess!

I do go through phases of buying Interiors magazines when I need inspiration, my favourites being Homes and Antiques, and Living Etc.

But my absolute, all-time-favourite, can't-live-without magazines have to be my monthly music regulars Uncut and Mojo. I just love to hide away with these and a cup of coffee for an hour or so and devour every word I can. It's never enough, but there is a month's worth of reading in them and by the time the next one is out I have just about finished it. And you get a free cd each month too.
My favourite pages are the music review pages, which is where I find all sorts of jewels, both new and old, new bands, new singers, new albums, rereleases. It's all there. And if I like the sound of it I'll take myself off to Spotify to check them out. (Although sometimes you have to wait a couple of weeks for a new album to be available to listen to.)

One thing I have discovered from reading these two magazines is the record label Jagjaguwar, which is host to some of my all-time favourite bands like Bon Iver and Volcano Choir. This months Uncut included a cd of songs from bands on this label, some of which I have heard of, some I haven't. And I wanted to share the one that jumped out for me, the one I am listening to on loop.

From British Columbia, Pink Mountaintops.

Their sound reminds me somewhat of Mazzy Star gone somewhat gospel, and someone else I can't put my finger on. Last year's album 'Outside Love' is just gorgeous. Have a listen here. (The title track in particular is sublime).

So, let the middle of the week just slide right on by us. I am focused on the weekend, with the right kind of laidback sounds to keep me company. And plenty of reading material, which I've no doubt will furnish a number of posts here on ~Carnival~.

Hope your week is going swimmingly for you too. And what might you be listening to?


Anonymous said...

This song sounds like Donovans 'Catch the Wind'....I'd go as far to say that it is a complete rip off of the melody. Nice song but not as good as Donovans....
I went through a phase of collecting Uncut fo about 2 years...eagerly awaiting the monthly free cd and the endless reviews....a virtual education for all music lovers and trainspotters like us. I'm sad to say though that I had to through out my mag collection recently to make way for others coming through. Ideal job....assistant editor for Uncut.....nice to dream!!!

Anonymous said...

throw....throw.....must be over worked or something!!

Jane O Sullivan said...

hello ciara ...well seeing as you asked ...iris de ment (lifelines), nick cave , one from the heart with tom waits and crystal gayle , and some more older nick cave ..and of course heart like a wheel by the mcgarrigle sisters ...so funny , I put up some music links last night on my blog ...hope you are well and thank you for sharing all this wonderful music , I look forward to listening and I know that I will like it .
do you like beirut ?...singer is so passionate .

Ciara said...

Mr. Era, your a gas man! Yes, what a great job that would be! Imagine...

Jane, I love Beirut. He's a genius. And so young!

marta said...

thank you ciara
i come here from time to time and enjoy my days working at home much better
there might be some light missing here you know, but this music helps a lot


Anonymous said...