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Sunday, 28 February 2010

Something Old, Something New...

Nothing more satisfying than finding something for next to nothing is there? Our local town recently had a new addition of a charity (thrift) shop! This is a very telling sign of the times and rather something as this particular well-to-do town is more home to the likes of up-market boutiques and I never thought I'd see a charity shop there. But there it is, and I have to say the quality is delightfully up-market! But of course. And even better, the prices are proper charity shop prices, unlike certain other ones who have been taking the you-know-what of recent years.

So I popped in the other day with very little in my purse and no intention really other than to have a look. But I did spend. A little.

This sweet cardigan is so perfectly Julia Childs that I 
couldn't resist it at just €3.
I think it's the colour as much as anything.

And although this skirt (for €5) doesn't look so great on a hanger,
it's lovely on. It's years since I wore something so long
and I bought it thinking I would alter it in some way,
but it's too nice as it is! 

But then, part of my intention not to spend was because earlier in the week 
I had (fatally) gone to my favourite shop, Avoca for breakfast and as 
usual stopped to look at their sale rail on the way out. Shopping with friends 
can be bad for you. Persuasive friends. Friends who insist you try on that
dress that made you gasp when you saw it, and then rave about how perfect it is
on you...sigh... I am weak...I am. So I bought it. And, yes it was on the sale rail,
but this is Avoca we are talking about... 
So I won't be telling you how much I paid for it, even when one friend was cheeky
enough to ask them to knock a bit more off it (which they did!). 
It wasn't huge. It was less than €100. But still more than I would usually spend.

But I had to. And I'm glad I did. Because it is just so lovely.
A friend said it is like something out of Bagpuss,
which is so apt because that is a world that still exists in my head.
Some days I think in my head I am in that little shop:
Bagpuss & Co.
It's perfect. A shop that doesn't sell anything.
It's just a place for lost things...

Take a little peep here.
This is my childhood, this is all that makes me who I am today.
I cannot think of anything that captures it better.


Anonymous said...

Bagpuss....can't remember for the life of me when I last watched that. Their are 2 girls who work with me who didn't have a TV in their house till they were in their late teens.....this is something that left me dumbfounded. I was the kind of child who was shaped by TV....all my life references involve memories of old programmes just like Bagpuss.
And it wasn't just old cartoons that I watched.....I can still remember rushing home during my school lunch breaks to watch Pebble Mill at One and Brideshead Revisited....these were my moulding materials for what was to come later on in my life. Multi channel land has a lot to answer to....Can you imagine not growing up watching and listening to the clock on a Saturday morning waiting for Anything Goes to come on.....

Fiona said...

The Avoca dress is gorgeous so definitely worth it...........your friends were right!