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Sunday, 7 March 2010

The Coolest Shop In The World!

Well, a few weeks ago I was alerted to the fact that my favourite shop in the world now has a blog. I can't remember when I first discovered Pedlars, it was certainly a few years back and may have been in an interiors magazine that I first saw it mentioned. Over the years, from the time I first received their lovely catalogue into my letterbox, although I would not necessarily have been a big spender, I have bought a number of things and poured longingly over many more.

I'm not sure what it is they have that makes it so appealing, but I suspect it has a lot to do with their manifesto: Stuff We Love That You'll Love Too. In other words, they buy and sell stuff they they love, and they happen to have the most amazing taste in the world, which in turn makes it so appealing to the likes of me! 

One thing I immediately loved when I first flicked through their catalogue was not just the diversity of products, or the overriding sense of fun, or even the downright coolness of it, but the broad range of prices. Here was a shop that had divine lighting that cost hundreds, but they also had pocket-money stuff that not only could the kids afford, but that they actually really wanted! Of course a bit of investigating showed that of course they had lots of children themselves. And they lived in a beautiful house in the wilds of Scotland. As well as the most amazing holiday home which you can rent. And lots of dogs. And all I could think was, darn it, these guys have it perfect. (I'm sure they would laugh at that, but we have to have heros, don't we?)

(By the way this is NOT the holiday home!)

In their own words: 'we also have an organic farm in Scotland and a Christmas Tree farm, too. We have six children, four dogs, lots of horses and ponies and three chickens. We live in Scotland and in London and we have a fruit and vegetable farm in Wales. We are constantly on the look out for things that interests us.'


I love everything about Pedlars. They have amazing Vintage finds, fantastic homewares, brilliant fun stuff for all the family, as well as a music club that is right after my own heart. In fact there is so much more to see that I have to just recommend you take yourself on over there and have a look.
And I do think what they are doing must be the greatest job in the world. Imagine!

So if you get a chance do pop over and become a follower on their blog, and you never know but you might actually win one hundred pounds to spend in their shop! (Because they are very clever.) And even though it's lame to say I was planning to do this post anyway, ever since discovering their blog, and definitely before I did win that very amount yesterday, it is true.


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Anonymous said...

Congrats on the windfall...what to spend it on....treat yourself to a memorable gift that will always remind you of this moment!! Hip hip