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Sunday, 8 March 2009

Lucy's Lounge

There's a new place in town.

Lucy's Lounge is a wonderland, a hidden cave of treasures that made my heart go pitter-patter when I stepped into it and was greeted by the strains of  `The Wizard of Oz', and my eyes took in all before me.

I had come across Dee's blog through Jaboopee, but had not actually met either Dee or Elaine. So as I tottered down the stairs and was greeted with a cheery 'Hello! Is that Ciara?' I knew I was in the right place. And by pure coincidence Elaine was there too, picking up her latest prize. It seems Dee is a great one for competitions! It was great to meet you both ladies!

I was amazed and delighted to find out that Dee used to run Se Si, my favourite shop when I was in my late teens, early twenties. Oh I loved that place. It was a cornerstone of my life as a young adult. I have many fond memories of the favourite things I bought there, and it was always my first port of call in the city.
I'm thrilled to be able to bring Finn in to Lucy's Lounge, and introduce her to the joys of rummaging and thrifting! She loved it and easily could have picked out a whole new wardrobe for herself.

Lucy's Lounge is in the basement of 11 Fownes Street, Temple Bar. You can't miss the bright pink and lilac shop front! 

I thoroughly recommend popping in and saying hi and having a good rummage! I guarantee you'll find something you'll love. I'll be sure to post my finds here tomorrow so watch this space!


Fine Little Day said...

Looks like a fun place to hunt finds in!

Aden Meyler said...

I can't wait to check it out! What a wonderful place!

Anne said...

I remember Temple Bar being a interesting place visit when I lived in Dublin.
It looks like my kinda shop..:)

jaboopee said...

Thanks for the mention ciara and it was great to meet you too!
This is another great blog of yours?
Where do you get the time?
all the best